DCC Concepts Zen Black Buddha Decoder with ABC Module

DCC Concepts DCD-ZBHP.6A Zen Black Buddha Decoder with ABC Module - 3-5 amps - 6 power functions

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Zen Black Decoder for O Gauge and large scale. 6 function. In-built  high power stay alive. With ABC Module

Zen decoder software has always been smooth, clever and easy to use but our new BLACK decoder range takes this to a new level, with extended and improved automatic braking and shuttle abilities, simple-to-use ONE step locomotive set-up and advanced brown-out protection. 

This pack includes an ABC board to use with automatic braking functionality.

Decoder features:
– 5 Amps peak power
– 3 Amps continuous power
– 6 functions at 250mA each
– On-board high-power stay-alive
– 42mm x 27mm x 13mm
– 12 screw terminals
– One-Step Loco Setup
– Shuttle mode (requires ABC boards for this to function)