DCC Concepts Stainless Steel 4mm Scale Ruler and Handrail Jig

  • £27.95


This OO Scale 4mm ruler from DCCconcepts is a high grade stainless steel precision made scale rule and handrail bending jig.

The fine laser-cut holes are 0.3 mm (slightly less than 1 scale inch diameter), and there are 1 inch increments from 6 inch to 4 feet in handrail length so any handrail size is easy to do correctly. Precise handrails of up to 18ft long can be made with steps of 3” or 1mm.

Each step has a recessed channel to hold the wire straight as its curved so accuracy is maintained.

Made in high grade stainless steel, this is a tool that will last for several lifetimes!

A 0.5mm drill is included with each ruler so that you can open out holes for larger wire if required.