DCC Concepts DCD-AD8fx Cobalt iP DCC Accessory Decoder Stall Motor Drive (8-way Output)

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DCC Concepts AD-8fx is a model railway point and accessory decoder with 8 outputs with many nice-to-have features. AD-8fx has flip-flop, reversing DC outputs for DCC Concepts Cobalt type motors and similar devices. AD-8fx will cope with a wide power or track bus voltage and boasts very low current draw. AD-8fx can connect directly to the track power or to your power bus. As it only uses power for a short time whilst it is operating a DCC Concepts Cobalt Point Motor (iP or Classic Omega), or other device, it will not detract vital power from running Locos. Addressing decoder outputs is as simple as flicking a switch and sending a command with your DCC system. No CV programming is required! Connections are stgraightforward and marked on the printed circuit board and to install AD-8fx is incredibly easy.
  • Screw terminals - no soldering!
  • A single two wire power connection for all 8 channels
  • Only two wires to the accessory needed for operation
  • Low power outputs for connection of mimic panel LEDs or signalling
  • Terminals to connect a manual switch to as a "best of both worlds" option
  • I/O terminal for position feedback or computer interface
  • Easy "Teach" / "Operate" switch for addressing each output
  • Self centering commands to work with Cobalt iP Analogue (198/199)
  • Direction swap command (197)
  • Easy mounting on the Model Railway Baseboard
AD-8fx is powerful enough to control multiple point motors from the same output, so you wont need as many AD-8fx as you think. Also, using it with Cobalt Point Motors as a combination provides two additional changeover switches, meaning you can control many other devices at the same time without spending more money!