DCC Concepts DCD-DSR Cobalt AlphaSwitch-D (For Digital Devices) Red LEDs (12 Pack)

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Cobalt Alpha-Switch-D Red have 3-wire outputs for use on left / right digital devices and the outputs may be used to drive computer or DCC control at the same time. Attrative turned bezels surrounding circular Red LED illuminated push switches make for an easy way of building your own analogue control panel. Cobalt Alpha-Switch-D Red can operate digital devices such as the Cobalt IP Digital motors, Accessory Decoders (FX or SX Series) and the REX Relay Extension Boards. The switches just plugs into the PCB and there is terminal blocks for the point motors so no soldering is required. Additional Cobalt Alpha-Switch-D can be added to the system by connecting one to the next with three wires. Each Cobalt Alpha-Switch-D Red pack contains the central board, Illuminated switches, Harnesses and Mounting Bezels Power requirement is 12v DC and the output current draw is 100mA
  • Switch Unit Length: 135mm
  • Switch Unit Width: 50mm
  • Switch Length: 23mm
  • Switch Width: 20mm
  • Switch Height: 13mm
  • Harness Length: 150mm