DCC Concepts Rolling Road - 12 Axle, 8 Axle, 6 Axle, 4 Axle

DCC Concepts Rolling RoadDCC Concepts Rolling Roads are a Multi-Gauge Model Railway Locomotive maintenance product to allow you to lubricate, check and adjust your Model Engines. They work with conventional DC, DCC or Marklin 3-Rail (using the pickup and wire included) and in the following Model Railway Scales: OO Scale, N gauge, HO Scale, TT Gauge, HOn3, ON-30, EM Gauge, P4 and S4 Scale. This makes for an incredibly versatile model railway product that you will never leave out of service

DCC Concepts Rolling Roads are available in 12 packs and 6 packs with the 12 pack being the popular choice due to the cost saving pro-rata and the fact you can use half the rollers on one loco and half on another, even running two Locomotives of different scales!

The different gauge spacers swapped out with the use of a screwdriver, set up as 16.5mm out of the box, place on any powered track and you are ready to go.