DCC Concepts Working Point Rodding

In the Model Railway hobby there have been things that haven't been done as they are considered too difficult to produce. DCC Concepts have never been perturbed by this and they have always pushed the boundaries and challenged existing products in the hobby.

Fully working Point Rodding is one of these things DCC Concepts felt they could aspire to.

DCC Concepts aim was to create Point Rodding kits and parts that are usable in a practical operational sense and can be installed by most Railway Modellers with standard tools. They needed it to be as close to scale as was technically possible, the cranks are slightly larger than scale because most pointwork used in Model Railways has a larger than scale gap between the point blades and stock rails. The parts are still very tiny indeed . DCC Concepts Crank Rod on 5p CoinThe rivet pictured on the 5p coin is less than 2mm long and under 0.6mm across at its narrowest point.

The Rodding itself is square in profile, strong and perfectly to scale and the Rod Stools are flash-free and accurately made. The Cranks are already assembled in the packs and have Rod Pockets fitted.

DCC Concepts had another reason for this project – to allow the small, silent DCC Concepts Cobalt-SS turnout motor to actually drive the Rodding to change a point! Plus to be able to use the product as a “distant mounting kit” for Cobalt-SS too.