DCC Concepts Cobalt DC/ DCC Power Supply Split 9v DC or 18v DC For DCC Systems

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DCC Concepts Cobalt PSU-2 is a 2 x 9v DC twin output, fully regulated 9v.

The Cobalt PSU-2 allows you to wire Cobalt iP Analogue and Classic Omega point motors in a very straightforward way using single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) switches with a two wire common ground method.  Pre-wired Switches and control panel LEDs are available.  

Cobalt PSU-2 can also be used to switch Analogue Cobalt Point Motors using AlphaSwitch-A.

Cobalt PSU-2 may also be used as an 18v 5amp supply for DCC System power or for other DC applications such as layout lighting. 

NB: Figure of 8 lead for your delivery country will be included.