Cobalt S-Levers

DCC Concepts Cobalt S-Levers stand 140mm (5-1/2″) high and have the beautiful aesthetics of the real thing, adding style and functionality to your Model Railway Layout. Cobalt-S has a solid brass mechanism with a functioning locking system.  The brass arm can be painted in whatever design you should choose and the brass handle may then be highly polished.  Painted S-LeversSupplied quadrants can also be painted and the raised sides polished up with emery cloth.  Brass embossed number plates, also supplied can be painted and polished in a similar way.

Cobalt S-Levers can switch any electrical model railway module whether it requires momentary or continuous switching, common, left, right or two wire flip-flop switching.  Cobalt S-Levers can switch multiple items with a single lever throw, even with differing requirements.  S-Levers switch control panel lighting, interlocking and live frog turnouts.

Cobalt-S is as happy operating low cost solenoids as it is with Cobalt point motors.  Cobalt S-levers come with a  to provide you with tidy, clear connections.