DCC Concepts Cobalt iP Digital Slow Motion Point Motors (Single, Three, Six, Twelve Packs)

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Cobalt-iP Digital Slow Motion Point Motor is a DCC-on board product that combines the great benefits of Cobalt -iP Analogue leading to the finest digital-ready point motor available.

Cobalt-iP Digital Slow Acting Point Motor needs just two connection wires and it is out of the box ready to go with DCC.  CB1-DIP lets you add a few more wires to have traditional 'analogue style' control using push buttons or a momentary toggle switch on your control panel giving you the best of both worlds, traditional control panel and digital DCC point control.

The usual Cobalt Point motor low current draw means you do not need to worry about power loading and using your DCC control system to program routes isn't going to sap power by the end of the run.

Cobalt-iP Digital CB1DiP has all the same new design benefits of the iP Analogue Point, quiet operation, actively managed drive speed, "intelligent power" electronics to allow flexible DCC power supply input voltage from 7 to 23v.

Cobalt-iP Digital Slow Motion Point Motor can be used for any scale, Z gauge, N Scale, OO scale, O gauge even G scale and anything else in between.  It comes from the factory pre-centred and ready to install under your model railway layout.

Cobalt-iP Digital CB1DiP has two internal break before make switches for your secondary accessories one switch is for computer I/O, panel LEDs and other low power applications, the other SPDT switch is higher power and can be used for frog power, signalling, interlocking or anything else you can think of switching on your model railway layout.

Cobalt-iP Digital Slow Motion Point Motor has special CV commands for swapping the direction left/right right/left (Command 197), and 199 to activate centering and 198 deactivate centering - this allows you to reinstall with the point motor centred.

DCC Concepts Cobalt-iP Digital Slow Motion Point Motor comes with all the installation items, fulcrum arm and adjustable pivot, double sided self adhesive mounting pad and mounting screws as well as ballast coloured tiebar covers.

Cobalt-iP Digital CB1DiP allows for professional panel lights that are simple to wire up in a number of different ways, from either of the internal switches.  DCC Concepts also offer LEDs and Switch packs for your needs.