DCC Concepts Cobalt iP Analog Slow Motion Point Motor (Single, Three, Six, Twelve Packs)

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Cobalt iP Analogue Slow Acting Point Motors introduce the “Intelligent Power” functionality allowing the use of DC voltage between 7 and 23 without any adjustment or range switching.

Cobalt-iP Analogue Slow Motion Point Motors are suitable for all Gauges from G Scale to Z Gauge.  Cobalt-iP Analogue draws very little current power overheads are not a concern.

Using these Cobalt iP for DCC we would recommend the use of the 8 output stall motor decoder AD8fx, else the obvious choice of Cobalt iP Digital.

Cobalt-iP Analogue is pre-centred and ready to fit under your layout.

Cobalt-iP Analogue has three internal single pole double throw (SPDT) changeover switches: One for low power applications such as LED lighting or for computer I/O callback. The other two SPDT  switches are for higher current up to 5 amps continuous –  interlocking, frog polarity etc..

Cobalt-IP Analogue Point motors are switched with reversing flip-flop DC power and LEDs can be used as for control panel indication connected via the motor power leads.

Installation accessories included: one self adhesive double sided foam mounting pad, fulcrum arm and adjustable pivot, screws.