DCC Concepts Cobalt Classic Ω Omega Slow Motion Point Motor (Single, Three, Six, Twelve Packs)

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DCC Concepts Cobalt Classic (Omega) is the  slow action point motor that replaced the original Cobalt slow motion point motor unit with some additions and performance improvements.   It can be used with all Model Railway scales. 

Cobalt Classic Omega is quieter and very reliable. There are three Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) auxiliary switches within the unit - one is intended for low power usage or computer IO feedback..

The two other SPDT switches have much higher power handling suitable for frog power control or any other switching required. 

A voltage range switch permits the use of higher DC voltage than with its predecessor and installation is a breeze due to all the useful accessories being included in the pack: one self adhesive double sided foam mounting pad, fulcrum arm and adjustable throw length bracket, and of course mounting screws.