DCC Concepts Cobalt Alpha Central integrated 12-way digital switch

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The DCC Concepts Alpha Central is part of the Cobalt range and is basically a Cobalt Alpha Encoder housed for your convenience in an attractive extruded aluminium casing. All the requisite connections are available around the cased unit and installation on your Model Railway layout is as straightforward as plugging it into your DCC bus. More Alpha Encoder units or Alpha Central may be added in sequence for a larger layout. Conventional analogue Railway Modellers are able to take advantage of digital technology but employing a DCC accessory bus. DCC Concepts offer the Alpha Box to supply the DCC signal and this makes for a more robust, flexible system than normal analogue and much less wiring on your Model Railway layout too! Setup of the Alpha is very quick and each unit controls 12 accessory channels. Etched number plates with a discrete recess under each pair of controls on the casing.