LMS / BR Ground Signals - 2 Wire

DCC Concepts LMS / BR Ground Signals - 2 Wire (12 pack)

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Classic 3-lamp LMS / BR ground signals in OO scale with required connectors for Alpha Mimic.

These quintessential DCD-MGS-BR ground signals are a 3 lamp design that was first commissioned in the 1930s. They have been very widely used and still are to this day making them ideal for layouts of many eras.

This DCC Concepts Ground Signal pack comes with leads to allow you to connect to your existing Alpha Mimic or for bespoke wiring: Please note: If used with other power supplies, 5k resistors MUST be used. Failed LEDs due to incorrect connection will not be covered by warranty.

These DCC Concepts Ground Signals are also available with Alpha Mimic Control board.