Cobalt Alpha Mimic & Ground Signals

Cobalt Alpha Mimic Ground Signals are OO Scale Signals build on the simplicity of the Alpha Mimic range and Cobalt Alpha allows us to control many things on the OO Scale model railway layout. The Alpha philosophy and DCC make it easy fro DCC Concepts to add ground signals.

Cobalt Alpha Mimic Ground SignalsCobalt Alpha Mimic Ground Signals have one connection per signal and are fully plug and play with control of the signals dealt with by Cobalt Alpha Mimic. So with control already looked after DCC Concepts have created four different ground signals that are ready to go, out of the box. Each Cobalt Alpha Mimic working signal is an accurately detailed model whose quality is very high, but the cost is low and value is incredible and packs of Ground Signals are also available without an Cobalt Alpha Mimic control board at even less cost!

The Cobalt Alpha Mimic control board can operate more signals than are supplied in the box as multiple signals are connectable to each Mimic output. There are also a range of Cobalt Alpha Mimic extension leads and adapters available to allow installation anywhere on your model railway layout in any configuration while being fully plug and play.

Download the Alpha Mimic PDF here.