Cobalt Alpha & AlphaSwitch

Vastly reduce the wiring complexity on your layout with DCC Concepts Cobalt Alpha.  Use the Alpha Central or The Main Alpha Encoder and for a basic setup you will need only one RJ12 Lead to your model railway layout from your mimic board or switch panel!

Alpha is a digital cab for your points and accessories so Alpha avoids the need for wires for each switch running back to Accessory Decoders on your layout or directly to analogue solenoid motors or Cobalt Slow Action Point Motors.  All the wiring for the Physical switches is done within the control panel.  The simplest "plug and play" method of achieving this is with the AlphaSwitch-D LED kits (see product selection below). 

If you are a DC railway modeller you are in luck because you can still control your panel digitally by using Alpha Central or Encoder along with Alpha Box

Click here for the general Cobalt Alpha Manual.